Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment:
If the Tea Party Wins, America Losses

Idaho Tea Party candidate for Congress, Raul Labrador on Bryan Fischer's AFA radio program. Many question Labradors values as a result.

This is a long one folks (19:33) but WELL WORTH it. Olbermann outlines the exhaustive list of just about every congressional Tea Party candidate across the country and their fruit loop plans for America.

Not mentioned in the following video is Idaho’s Tea Party candidate Raul Labrador who is attempting to unseat conservative democrat Walt Minnick. Labrador has still not explained why he appeared on extremist Bryan Fisher’s AFA Radio show in late May where on the air, Fischer reportedly refereed to Labrador, as his “good friend”.

What I want to know is, does Labrador hate Muslims and gays like his good friend Bryan Fischer?

This is utterly dangerous to our democracy and as Keith so eloquently put it:

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“Zero Gravity Escapee”

As usual I was up late the other night watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His guest Mary Roach author of the book Packing for Mars, discussed her book and the technical requirements of NASA testing toilets in space. No joke!

Hilarious and oddly interesting, I made the decision to steal the term “escapee” Roach revealed NASA uses to describe an runaway, well you know.

Definition: Use your imagination!

My new snarky phrase for the rabidly homophobic and transphobic among us will now be coined “Zero Gravity Escapees”

Used in a sentence… Zero Gravity Escapee, Garry Glenn returns to Idaho to gloat!

Poor Scott Lively Mocked on The Daily Show

Jason Jones interviews Scott Lively on The Daily Show
July 28, 2010 in Gay Reichs

Scott Lively Jason Jones Daily Show Homosexual Nazi “It’s not easy to be the person who tells the truth when a large part of the population doesn’t want to hear it. Frankly, I wish I had gotten a different assignment actually … I would have loved just been hanging out on the beach someplace but instead I got stuck with dealing with Homosexual Nazis.”
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A Halloween Public Service Announcement
Pat Robertson: “Halloween Candy Cursed By Witches”

My first entry into the “Fruit Loop Files”

THE DANGER IN CELEBRATING HALLOWEEN: “Most of the candy for this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches,” says Kimberly Danial’s who travels the country in a 30-foot Winnebago called the “Demon Buster.”

Oh it gets much much better. Watch the #1 story on Countdown last night with Lawrence O’Donnell, filling in for Keith Olbermann, is absolutely hilarious!

This is no trick, it’s a real treat!

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