Welcome to “As I See It…”

For those of you who are familiar with my work as Editor of PrideDEPOT.com, thank you for following me over to As I See It…

After ten years as Editor of PrideDEPOT it was time to change things up a bit so I placed PrideDEPOT.com in hibernation mode and will no longer update that site. However, all content will remain online there for others to explore and serve as a historical record.

To continue where PrideDEPOT left off, I created As I See It… Here I will carry on with advocacy journalism and commentary for social justice. I will be blogging and posting news stories as life and time allows while continuing my dedication to the work of Idahoans For Fairness.

I would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank all our loyal readers, community supporters and the media that covered our stories and issues on PrideDEPOT. I am grateful and humbled by all the support, contributions and participation, of all viewpoints, in the engaging public discourse that took place on PrideDEPOT.

I hope you all will participate in As I See It… by commenting, expressing opinions and engaging in debate here as well.

Welcome the next chapter, As I See It…