We CAN have it all, same-gender marriage & religious freedom

Marriage Equality CoexistNo matter what side you are on in the debate over same-gender marriage, there is a simple path for everyone to get what they want, full civil rights for same gender couples AND protection of the institution of marriage. How? The conversation should never include religion period!

As citizens of this country, we are Americans first. As a democracy, we are governed first and foremost by our Constitution. In that document is the protection for religious freedom AND equal protection under the law.

Although many Americans are Christian, not everyone is! We are Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Agnostics, Spiritualists, Atheists, Humanists and everything in-between. Within each of these belief systems are conservative, moderate and liberal factions.

How then as a free democracy can we possibly think we can solve any social or political issue when religion is part of the discussion? It’s worse than trying to herd cats.

Rev. Dr. Welton Gaddy, president of the national Interfaith Alliance, put it very simply, “In a democracy, the Constitution trumps all.”

If you want a theocracy, get an island and start one. If you value REAL freedom and Democracy, let’s separate the legal contract, rights and responsibilities of what we now universally call marriage from religion entirely for EVERYONE.

The solution is civil unions for all and marriage only for religious groups. ALL religious organizations will have an exemption and don’t have to ‘marry’ anyone they don’t want to. However, anyone can become Civilly United.

That’s the easy part.

Each side must to give something up. ALL Americans have to give up the term “marriage” and ALL Religions have to give up preventing LGBT people from obtaining full rights and responsibilities that now come with heterosexual marriage in all states and federally.

That’s the hard part.

4 thoughts on “We CAN have it all, same-gender marriage & religious freedom

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  2. You make some really good points Jessica. I think that what truly lies under the surface of all civil rights debates for LGBT people is the coordinated effort by the anti-gay industry to dehumanize and vilify us as you point out. It is really never about being a good American, democracy, the constitution or religious freedom, it is about hatred and fund-raising.

    I will admit it is hard to think about giving up the term marriage.

  3. Marriage is not a religious issue at all, it is only about the contract two individuals have with one another and the government where they live. Marriage in America confers 1137 Federal and State rights of life, liberty and property, due process, and freedom of association to the married couple. The real issue is not about marriage though, it is about equality, the rights of every citizen to be unconditionally constitutionally equal. These rights must never require the approval, acceptance, agreement, tolerance, understanding, respect or religious blessings of a tyrannical theocRAT voting majority.

    Now why do I capitalize RAT in theocRAT? Rats spread plagues, like the bubonic plague spread in the middle ages. Christians blamed Jews for that plague, and throughout the centuries-long inquisition murdered millions of Jews, and through to the Renaissance repressed the knowledge of science, that the earth is round and revolves around the sun.

    The only religious part of marriage is the wedding ceremony – the rite of passage. If the couple do not have a signed and witnessed marriage license, filed with their state (in the United States that’s the law), there are no marriage recognized rights. Last weekend my niece who is Jewish married a Christian man, and they both signed the Jewish ketubah, a cantor and a minister performed the ceremony. They both also signed and had witnessed the state of Florida marriage license, which they filed with the state. The ketubah had no legal or civil meaning. Only the marriage license contract is recognized by the federal and state governments, and only that contract allows them to have the more than 1137 federal and state rights, currently paid for by LGBT Americans and denied to us.

    Religions need to stay in the wedding ceremony business and keep their theocRAT tyranny in their churches, mosques and synagogues. Human rights must be unconditional for everyone.

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