Poor Scott Lively Mocked on The Daily Show

Jason Jones interviews Scott Lively on The Daily Show
July 28, 2010 in Gay Reichs

Scott Lively Jason Jones Daily Show Homosexual Nazi “It’s not easy to be the person who tells the truth when a large part of the population doesn’t want to hear it. Frankly, I wish I had gotten a different assignment actually … I would have loved just been hanging out on the beach someplace but instead I got stuck with dealing with Homosexual Nazis.”
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Gay Reichs
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2 thoughts on “Poor Scott Lively Mocked on The Daily Show

  1. Absolutely unbelievable! This jackass is pathetic, and to think that he has managed to get national attention by blaming the Holocaust on gays is both laughable and criminal at the same time. Amazing!

  2. Really, that’s not true?!! I thought if the Conservative Christians said it often and loudly enough, that it was ALWAYS true! History be damned!

    No really, this is hilarious. Thanks for posting!

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