As I See It: 2010 – Reporting from the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

2010 has been an amazing year for the movement toward full LGBTQI Equality. Encouraging challenges to California’s Proposition 8 and the Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, despite strong powerful forces against us, have set in motion a light forward for really substantive change toward federal employment non-discrimination, the repeal of DOMA, with full marriage equality, and same-sex partner immigration.

However, the epidemic of youth suicides, the rise of Bryan Fischer to the national stage and the tea party extremist’s being mainstreamed in the GOP, and the resurgence of the Idaho Values Alliance, tell us we still have so much further to go in our journey toward a truly free and inclusive Democracy.

To those of you who have supported and passed along my work to your mailing lists, family and friends, those who shared stories on Facebook and Twitter, THANK YOU! I am very humbled and truly grateful.

Mostly, I wish to thank my sources because it is they, who put the faces and names to many important issues, explain complicated issues and help sort out fact from fiction in a corporate media world that is full of noise, spin and propaganda.

I especially wish to thank those who shared their stories in the face of great personal risk to themselves. From transgender citizens being unfairly treated in Idaho jails and prisons, to our honorable soldiers who’ve endured the pain and isolation of serving our country from inside a closet, and our brothers and sisters in Uganda who live in fear every day of angry mobs and state sanctioned genocide and who remind us what it truly means to be grateful.

May you all have a happy, prosperous, safe and healthy New Year! Please celebrate responsibility as you reflect on the past and set your intentions and hopes for the future. Recharge your batteries and get ready to roll up your sleeves as we gear up for another year. The fight for transparency, accountability, civil rights and social justice is far from over.

Keep the momentum going and the pressure on, and I will do the same. Expect some new important projects and stories to come, both from here on As I See It… and in other publications in 2011.

Thank You All!

One thought on “As I See It: 2010 – Reporting from the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

  1. As a gay Canadian man who lived in San Diego for many wonderful years, & had friends in the USN & USMC, I’d simply like to commend your endeavors & wish you the best of luck in future. The men I refer to as having served in the military, became friends of many years duration, & believe me; the nation could be proud of them for their dedication to duty , patriotism, & sense of honesty & unquestionable integrity. As they are no longer with us; it is even more painful to hear them so denigrated by the religious right. The truth is; in their tragically abbreviated lifetimes; they rose head & shoulders above any conservative religious leader I’ve yet been aware of.
    Thanks for your attention.

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