PODCAST: KLIX “Top Story” with Jody May-Chang Discussing Bryan Fischer & SPLC Report

Independent journalist Jody May-Chang discusses the Southern Poverty Law Center Report: THE PROPAGANDISTS: Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association & the Demonization of LGBT People on Fox talk radio KLIX 1310, Twin Falls Idaho. Download the full Southern Poverty Law Center Report Here! Jody May-Chang, Bryan Fischer, Southern Poverty Law Center, American Family Association, AFA, SPLC, LGBT, Jill Kuraitis, KLIX, Radio, Fox, 1310, Twin Falls, Idaho

9 thoughts on “PODCAST: KLIX “Top Story” with Jody May-Chang Discussing Bryan Fischer & SPLC Report

  1. Jody – you are absolutely fantastic! That was a great interview and you presented the case clearly and eloquently that Bryan Fischer is a menace to the truth. Great job – keep up the good work!

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  4. Jody, I want to commend you on a job well done. We need more people such as yourself to expose fear mongering charlatans like Fischer.

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