VanderSloot’s tactics get national scrutiny

Glenn Greenwald, contributor and Constitutional litigator, pulled out both barrels to take aim at the actions of Frank VanderSloot, CEO of Melaluca, Inc., and his legal team of attack dogs.

Greenwald, who was in Boise recently to speak at the annual Bill of Rights dinner sponsored by the ACLU in Idaho, took time to visit with me after his presentation to hear about the ongoing actions of VanderSloot against the LGBT community, free speech, and hounding by his legal team to silence his critics.

With the documentation I provided to him and the intense research he compiled on his own, he posted a blazing article on that speaks to the heart of what Idaho bloggers, news organizations, and national media outlets have confronted when bullied by VanderSloot and his lawyers.

I would like to personally thank Glenn and for their brilliant journalism and their willingness to stick their necks out in support of me and this vital issue so aggressively.

Their commitment to First Amendment and good journalism is the standard that all bloggers, journalists and media outlets should aspire too.

12 thoughts on “VanderSloot’s tactics get national scrutiny

  1. If you need money for legal defense, many, many people will be willing to help out. You are brave; keep up the good work.

  2. U have personally known frank and melaleuca for many years. This trash article couldn’t be further from the truth. If you had done your research, you would present a more accurate description of the truth. I rarely consider responding to liberal sites, but this one needed to be fact checked.

  3. I heard about this guy and I remember those horrible billboards, but I had NO idea the extent that he would go to shutdown fair and open comment. I’m no journalist or lawyer, but it would seem to me that he made himself into a public figure and it makes sense that his actions open him up to public comment and criticism. I am seriously pissed off right now!

  4. Awesome.
    Jody, you deserve huge credit (& THANKS!) for getting your story to GG, AND for the terrific work you do! GG’s Salon piece is like a spotlight on an old maggot-infested carcass. The exposure of VanderSloot is so long overdue… I’m sure it will make a difference. If you ever need legal help (free), let me know… I am now in private practice.

  5. If Vandersloot tries to fight this, GG will absolutely annihilate him. I think you know this already, and Vandersloot is probably learning this as we speak.

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