YOUR DONATIONS Are Making A HUGE Difference For LGBT Ugandans!

Today you helped Thomas who escaped from Uganda and who has been traveling for more than a week straight. Thomas arrives in San Francisco late tonight, all alone in a strange city with no money having not eaten in 2 days. He is exhausted and hungry but he is strong!

Because of you, Thomas will have a safe place to sleep tonight and food in his belly for tomorrow he will accessing the much needed services and begin the process of re-building his life free from persecution.

Thomas and I are both very grateful and happy that he is now safe in the USA.

Right now there are still several others in hiding at a safe house in Uganda that desperately need food and transportation to reach the safety of their families miles away. They were cast out of their homes and jobs just for being gay and transgender and have nowhere to turn.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to get our Ugandan friends to safety.

For the cost of going to the movies, you can help save a life and make meaningful statement at the same time.

We need all the support we can get for these weary Ugandan LGBT warriors.

With Deep Gratitude,
Jody May-Chang

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