Open Season On Hate

Yesterday when I got a text message that Barack Obama had just signed into law The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act, I was elated. In my mind I could hear the collective cheering across the country. Finally now we are legally defined and bias-motivated crimes against LGBT people would now be recognized for what we have known them to be all along, hate crimes.

Although law enforcement is now empowered to investigate and prosecute bias-motivated violence against LGBT people, that still does not change the hearts and minds of those who still hate us, especially those who see us as objects for sport.

On my way to an appointment less than a half mile from my home, I see a Toyota jacked up to where I would need a latter just to get in. On the back cab window was a pink sticker that said ‘Navy Wife’. I think to myself, there is a proud woman who is supporting her husband and our military! That’s nice.

Then I see this other sticker. I can’t really make it out so I inch slowly closer so I can read it. The woman probably thought I was going to hit her. I start to make it out. I was in utter disbelief. I just could not believe my eyes, I think my mouth even fell open. This was so disturbing that just a short distance from the safety of my home, in my own neighborhood, this proud Navy wife would probably like to see me and many of the people I love dead! If not, even just the thought that this was somehow funny is chilling.

We still have so much work to do! The truck proudly displayed this sticker:

Liberal Hunting Permit

Welcome to “As I See It…”

For those of you who are familiar with my work as Editor of, thank you for following me over to As I See It…

After ten years as Editor of PrideDEPOT it was time to change things up a bit so I placed in hibernation mode and will no longer update that site. However, all content will remain online there for others to explore and serve as a historical record.

To continue where PrideDEPOT left off, I created As I See It… Here I will carry on with advocacy journalism and commentary for social justice. I will be blogging and posting news stories as life and time allows while continuing my dedication to the work of Idahoans For Fairness.

I would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank all our loyal readers, community supporters and the media that covered our stories and issues on PrideDEPOT. I am grateful and humbled by all the support, contributions and participation, of all viewpoints, in the engaging public discourse that took place on PrideDEPOT.

I hope you all will participate in As I See It… by commenting, expressing opinions and engaging in debate here as well.

Welcome the next chapter, As I See It…