Clear Channel Defends Defamatory Speech Against LGBT Community

Clear Channel and nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host, Jim Quinn, are once again on the hot seat with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. GLAAD is calling on Clear Channel to take responsibility for Quinn’s “pattern of ugly, defamatory attacks against the LGBT community.”

On Quinn’s Jul. 28 show, The War Room with Quinn and Rose, talking about the Boy Scouts Quinn said, “You don’t send gay men and young boys out together … But I would give you that pedophilia is far more rampant among the gay community that it is among the strait community.”

Freedom of speech is a right guaranteed to all Americans even if that speech is unpopular or distasteful. Yet, yelling fire in a crowded theater, when there is no fire, is a crime because it endangers people’s safety. Many gay groups believe this is hate speech, and as such, should rise to the same standard because it endangers LGBT people.

GLAAD’s Director of National News, Cindi Creager, told As I See It, “It is time for Clear Channel to stop enabling Jim Quinn’s troubling pattern of on-air abuse that “creates a hostile climate and puts our community in harm’s way.” GLAAD has requested an on-the-air apology from Clear Channel.

Clear Channel’s Chief Communications Officer, Lisa Dollinger, denied GLAAD’S request stating, “Differing views were presented in the broadcast itself and no apology for this discussion was warranted.“

During the three minute dialogue, Quinn’s co-host, Rose Tennent said, “Most gay men have nothing to do with the young boys … I wouldn’t want to say that all gays, you risk any gay leader, you risk a pedophile moment, because that’s not true. I have many gay friends who would never consider that.”

GLAAD claims Clear Channel’s response sends a message that it’s comfortable providing Quinn a platform to spread misinformation and they are benefiting from it financially.

Reminiscent of the recent Shirley Sherrod tape editing fiasco, Dollinger, seems to suggest Media Matters, who obtained the audio file, pulled an Andrew Breitbart stating the clip she was sent, “appears to have been edited and cut their dialog short.”

Creager told As I See It, “Media Matters made the entire clip of the questionable segment available. GLAAD transcribed that clip and included it in our Call to Action”.

Quinn has a history of making anti-gay comments, saying that “Gay sex produces AIDS” and “Thanks to the homosexual AIDS lobby, AIDS is a civil right.”

Dollinger was contacted for comment but did not respond.

KBCI TV-2 gets call from GLAAD and responds to PrideDEPOT

Jody May-Chang©
June 29, 2009

Yesterday received an email letter from Yvonne Simons, News Director of the local CBS affiliate KBCI Channel 2, shortly after she was contacted by the regional GLAAD office.

GLAAD received a complaint on KBCI’s coverage of a “gay sex sting” story in addition to reading our story, “KBCI TV-2 manufactures ‘gay news’ for ratings.” before contacting Simons. Below, Simons responds to’s story and our response to her directly follows.

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