Alan Colmes corners Bryan Fischer for ‘weaseling out’

Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes

Alan Colmes is my latest hero! On his radio show last Wednesday, he called out Bryan Fischer, clearly demonstrating what many of us here in Idaho have known all along, that if ever put on the spot and pressed with direct questions Fischer would emerge as the “weasel” that Colmes exposed him to be.

Fischer was allowed to cut his teeth here with the assistance of a spineless media that ran to Fischer time and time again to get the sound bite and calling it balanced reporting. The Idaho news media NEVER asked any hard questions on any positions he took or outrageous statements he made.

It is an utter joy to listen to Fischer as he squirms in the hot seat while Colmes relentlessly presses him. You can almost hear the beads of sweat pour down Fischer’s face as he unsuccessfully tries to defend the indefensible.

If only Idaho media had done their job as Colmes did Wednesday, perhaps Fischer would not be enjoying his national platform now.

Colmes should be applauded for exposing Fischer for the miserable fraud that he is to a national audience.

This interview segment should be played on an endless loop to the Idaho media on what it means to be a journalist!

10 thoughts on “Alan Colmes corners Bryan Fischer for ‘weaseling out’

  1. I have always wondered if Bryan Fischer reads the same Bible and United States Constitution as I do. I don’t come to the same conclusion as he does.

  2. Sounds like Combs was doing his little jig again, glad to see him on Fox though, they need a dunce from the left so the world can see them for what they really are.

  3. Thanks, Jody, for pointing me to your blog and this ‘outing’ of Mr. Fischer. I don’t know where these guys come from, is our educational system this bad, that batshit crazies like Bryan Fischer get a following?

  4. Jody, you got it exactly right, the Idaho media gave Fischer a total free pass when he was here spreading lies about gays and lesbians. Colmes did a great job of exposing Fischer for the miserable fraud that he is, but you were the first to take that Nazi prick on!

  5. Thanks for posting this, Jody. It’s a perfect example of what a snake Fischer is when pressed to debate honestly. The man has no integrity.

  6. I’d like to point out that Colmes unitentionally gave Fischer a pass on this question. There’s NOTHING in the Bible that deals with intravenous drug use. Fischer knows this and he’s misdirecting the listeners attention by constantly returning to that issue.

    I’d also like to point out that under biblical law (which Lyin’ Bryan is so fond of spouting), homosexual behavior was a capital offense. Right alongside murder, and adultery, and kidnapping, and all of the other goodies.

    Aside from that, it was so nice to see the little fraud exposed on national TV (even though Colmes actually did himself no good with the Fox News watchers). Many of us in Idaho are familiar with Brayin’ Bryan’s habit of never answering any question at all. So it wasn’t too surprising to hear him pull the same stunt here as well. It was also a delight to hear someone outright call the little hypocrite a liar.

    Someone needs to point out that the Jesus Fischer claims to serve never said a word about homosexuality. But he sure had a lot to say about hypocrisy.

  7. Several years agos I clobbered Bryan Fischer over his use of a bogus Jefferson quote. To this day, after the tons of evidence I provided him that it was totally false, Fischer still will not admit it was indeed false.

    I also offered to debate him on biblical inerrancy and/or the Christian nation fallacy, and he continually refused.

    Snake oil salesman is too good of a term for him; try pathetic fundamentalist…it’s a better fit.

    J.E. Hill
    Washington State

  8. Jody,
    That is pretty good.
    My favorite Bryan Fischer story is when the ACLU asked him to debate evolution against one of the ACLU lawyers in the Dover vs. Kitzmiller case in Pennsylvania when he was in Boise. Fischer was escorted by a phalanx of supporters. At one point Fischer sought to bolster his case claiming that some of the world’s greatest scientist didn’t believe in evolution. He cited Isaac Newton and Galileo. Both had been dead many years before Darwin was even born. His supporters gave me a nasty look over my outburst of laughter at his ridiculous assertion.
    Of course when you make your life living selling snake oil and taking advantage of the magical thinking of others what should we expect- apparently not much.

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