Faith-Based Hate Speech Pollutes Idaho

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May 18, 2008

One of the biggest recruiters of hate spoke at the so-called “Shake the Nation” conference here is Boise this weekend was Scott Lively, author of “The Pink Swastika,” an evil tool that blames homosexuals for the Holocaust.

Lively is a fraud who masks his hate speech as a spiritual message. His brand of faith-based bigotry is specifically crafted to generate fear about gay people, the kind of fear that escalates into violence.

Bryan Fischer is the local mouth piece for the right-wing agenda, which seems increasingly obsessed with homosexuals. While in his role as executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance, Fischer uses the non-profit IVA website to promote Lively’s twisted political propaganda.

“The Pink Swastika” has little to do with religion and promoting Christian values, but everything to do with hiding behind non-profit status while promoting political propaganda.

Lively sows the seeds of hatred masked as God’s message by lying about LGBT people.

Anti-Gay Author of The Pink Swastika Scott LivelyLast summer, in a speech Lively (left) gave in Novosibirsk, Russia, he spews his religious extremist garbage saying, “I have been working with the Russian community in Sacramento; I want to tell you that this is an example that will show you how bad things are in the United States. Because we have come to a place in the United Sates where the homosexuals have achieved very high power and that they have begun to punish, they have begun to cause the political powers to punish anyone who says that homosexuality is wrong,” says Lively.

“There was a situation in Sacramento a few weeks ago in a public park, there was a group of homosexuals, and they were very drunk and one of the homosexual men was taking off his pants, and there were children in the park, and a Russian man went over to this, to these homosexuals, and he was rebuking them, and there started a fight and the Russian man punched the homosexual.”

With some of the crowd cheering, Lively continues on, “No no don’t, the man was very drunk, the homosexual was very drunk, was very drunk, and he fell down and he hit his head and he died.” Again members of the audience begin laughing and clapping at the news of Singh’s death.

“No no no. says Lively, “Now the Russian man has been accused of murder and the FBI is seeking him, and all of the powers in Sacramento have been accusing all of the Russian community of being murders, and the goal is to silence everyone who speaks against homosexuality. And this is a very dangerous situation because we don’t want homosexuals to be killed, we want them to be saved. Amen? Amen?

In this video, you can see for yourself just how Scott Lively lies
to inflame hatred and fear of homosexuals.


The Real Story

The man who was killed that day, Satendar Singh, was the only gay person in the group of seven which included a pregnant women. Homophobic slurs that were directed at Singh, where followed by a brutal attach by a man who was a member of an anti-gay Slavic evangelical group.

The Sacramento Bee reported “Satendar Singh, a 26-year-old gay man of Fijian descent, was attacked on July 1, 2007, while socializing with friends in Natoma Lake state park, near Sacramento, CA. Singh was punched by a man from another group in the park that had made racist and homophobic comments to Singh’s group. Singh fell backwards’ hit his head, and lapsed into a coma. Singh died of his injuries four days later when his family removed him from life support.” The paper also reported the Coroners Office classified Singh’s death as a homicide.

Tim Curran, a Sacramento police officer tells NPR, that there was a series of homophobic and ethnic slurs exchanged prior to the attack on Singh.

The LGBT Hate Crimes Project in a very detailed and well sourced account, says, “Vlad Kusakin’ host of a Russian-language radio show in Sacramento, said that God has “made an injection” of anti-gay Slavic evangelicals into liberal West Coast cities, adding, “In places where the disease is progressing, God has made a divine penicillin.”

“A friend of Singh’s, who spoke anonymously out of fear of retaliation, said that the two suspects, [Aleksander] Shevchenko and [Andrey] Vusik, taunted Singh by saying “You guys are gay. You guys are faggots.”

Several news searches did not uncover a single report that indicated that Singh was either “very drunk” or had his “pants down” as Lively claims.

Lively’s hatred of homosexuals is most certainly not the message of Christ’s love.

Idaho Values Alliance Executive Director Bryan FisherExactly what kind of “values” is Bryan Fischer (left) promoting with IVA? Fischer gets a free ride from the local media that fails to question him about his faith-based political agenda. Instead, the news coverage seems to go right to him as if he is the official representative of “family values.”

“Shake the Nation” is part of homophobic political campaign pretending to be about religion.

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