ABA Calls for Eliminating Legal Barriers to Same-Sex Civil Marriage

Idaho State Bar Association Executive Director, Diane Minnich, admitted to having wished she could have heard the debate over the American Bar Association resolution which urges, “state, territorial, and tribal governments to eliminated all of their Legal barriers to civil marriage between two person of the same sex who are otherwise eligible to marry.”

The ABA is the nation’s leading legal organization. “The ABA is a voluntary organization, said Minnich, we as a mandatory organization are regulatory entity for the most part and don’t take a stand on any of those issues.”

The Idaho Attorney General’s office said they have “no reaction to or position on” this morning’s resolution.

The ABA said they will now use its lobbying staff and its overall position as the voice of the American legal profession to advance this policy.

Minnich explained Idaho has two delegates, one appointed by the ISB who Minnich says is likely to vote the way they think Idaho Lawyers would vote. The other delegate is elected by the ABA votes as they feel appropriate.

An ABA staffer confirmed with the House of Delegates Chair that the resolution was clearly passed on a voice vote so there is no official count. Idaho delegates Idaho Larry Hunter and Michelle Points were not available for comment on how they voted.

One thought on “ABA Calls for Eliminating Legal Barriers to Same-Sex Civil Marriage

  1. It’s disappointing, but not surprising that neither the Idaho AG or the Idaho Bar Association would comment on this issue. But at least you asked them for a comment on an issue of interest to Idaho’s LGBT community which is more than the news media in Idaho did.

    But I am curious how the Idaho delegates to the ABA did vote.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

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