Twisted Logic:

Jody May-Chang©
May 12, 2009

Bryan Fischer+Hate Crime Prevention Bill=Pedophile Protection Act

H. Lukas Green contributed to this piece.

Bryan Fischer Idaho Values AllianceThe economic recession has had an adverse impact on nearly every sector of the American economy except for one; the growing anti-gay industry lead by self-proclaimed Christian leaders who sell fear and contempt inside a package called “family values.”

Idaho’s chief CEO of lies and misinformation about LGBT citizens is none other than Bryan Fischer, the pitchman for the so-called Idaho Values Alliance. Fischer’s talent for garnering easy access to the Idaho news media to sell his poisonous product rivals any Wall Street crook with a Ponzi scheme designed to separate grand mom from her life savings.

Except that in this case, Fischer’s game is to separate citizens he loathes from their rights as equal citizens under the law by promoting stereotypes that illicit fear and hate through a marketing plan crafted by far right extremists whose vision of America and the world is limited to their own narrow-minded ideology.

It’s a propaganda campaign that works for the lunatic fringe and they wear it like a wolf in sheep’s clothing as they attack targeted minority group(s) as undesirable or threatening to society. The Idaho media gives Fischer free reign as he virtually goes unchallenged pitching a familiar brand of bigotry.

Fischer’s game book is one that has been used throughout the ages by howling fanatics who value their own ideology over the rights of others. It’s a game that was used in the Middle Ages against Jews who were accused of murdering Christian babies in ritual sacrifices. It’s also a spin-off of the game plan used in the United States against African American men who were falsely accused of raping white women to justify a lynching or cross burning.

What is especially sickening about Fischer’s latest series of rants that go unchallenged by the Idaho media is his portrayal of gay people as a threat to children. His marketing campaign of fear is similar to that used in 1977, the by Anita Bryant who grabbed the national media spotlight under the banner of her so-called “Save the Children” campaign. By employing fear and contempt, her social agenda lead to repealing a Dade County Florida ordinance that prohibited anti-gay discrimination. In the campaign Bryant warned that “a particularly deviant-minded [gay] teacher could sexually molest children.”

Now here we are, over thirty years later in Idaho, with the self-appointed family values czar who is recycling the same act used over the ages in an effort to routinely compare law abiding gay and lesbian citizens with child molesters and pedophiles. Fischer is a gifted salesman for the rightwing and he knows how to work reporters who seem only interested in a quick sound bite or guest opinion under the guise of being “fair and balanced” in their reporting.

In Fischer’s latest extremist regurgitation he refers to the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act (HR1913) that recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives and awaits a vote in the Senate as “The Pedophile Protection Act.” Fischer claims that because an amendment to the bill by Rep. Steven King (R-IA), that the bill include an exclusion of pedophilia as a protected class under “Sexual Orientation” was voted down and as a result pedophiles will be “tacitly given preferential treatment under this law.”

No where other than far right religious extremist’s websites will you find a definition of “pedophilia” as a “sexual orientation.”

Following Fischer’s twisted logic, someone who assaults or kills a pedophile, under this hate crime law, would be charged with a hate crime because the “victim” is a pedophile and therefore qualifies them as protected based on Sexual Orientation!?

This vile marketing campaign is aimed at trying to mislead the public by creating an illusion that somehow pedophilia is a sexual orientation. This is absolute lunacy, but this delusional rationalization is at the very core of what and who Bryan Fischer is.

He is a con man who uses his social standing as a dealer for contempt to gain easy access to political sheep like Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch who in turn vote against the hate crimes bill.

Pedophilia is a disease or disorder. Committing an act of pedophilia is a crime. Pedophilia is NOT a sexual orientation as liars such as Bryan Fischer would have the public and the Idaho news media believe. Sexual Orientation is defined by the gender to which a person is attracted, not whether they are attracted to adults or children.

Fischer is light-years away from the truth on this subject. Countless well respected organizations like the America Physiological Association, the American Federation of Teachers, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, National District Attorney’s Association and the YMCA of the USA among numerous other medical professionals, educators and child advocate groups would not be supporting this hate crime legislation if the merchants of misinformation and contempt like Fischer were telling the truth.

Thirty states have hate crime laws on the books that include sexual orientation and NOT ONE of them offers “preferential treatment” of pedophiles. Where the hell is the Idaho news media when Fischer spreads these lies?

US State Hate Crime Laws Map

Fischer is unraveling and ramping up the rhetoric in desperate attempt to hang on to his failing narrow-minded ideology that breeds hatred of gay, lesbian and transgender people. He is a liar and a fraud who is given the keys to the newsroom in order to spread his agenda of hate and misinformation.

This merchant of lies, fear and contempt for LGBT citizens will not go unchallenged. Never again!

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