Idaho Hallmark shop owner will special order same-sex cards

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August 26, 2008

Jordan's HallmarkAn Idaho anti-gay propagandist is crowing success on his non-profit political website about how his intervention with a local Hallmark card shop owner lead to a decision not to sell same-sex greeting cards.

The head of the so-called Idaho Values Alliance was apparently set to call for a boycott of the seven Jordan Hallmark stores owned by Philip R. Johnson, until the man disclosed that he had no intention of selling the cards. However, he said he would special order them upon request.

Johnson said his business decision was based on controversial news coverage and the cartoon-like drawing showing two tuxedos side-by-side that appear to be joined at the wrist. He said would not have stocked the cards simply based on the cartoon image and the related news coverage, regardless of being contacted by Bryan Fischer, IVA executive director.

Hallmark Same-Sex Wedding Cards
Hallmark’s new sedate non-issue same-sex partner greeting cards.

Johnson did acknowledge that he would not sell certain cards or gift items, but that he welcomes all of his customers into his store regardless of race, personal beliefs or sexual orientation. Unlike Fischer, he simply does not want to be embroiled into a controversy manufactured by others for media headlines. also spoke with Sarah Kolell, Hallmark Corporate spokesperson, who also disagrees with much of the media coverage and the propaganda approach taken by those promoting an ideological agenda.

Meanwhile, the windbag who heads IVA is suggesting that people send thank you notes to Johnson for his decision to pull same-sex greeting cards from his shop.

After investigating the story further, discovered that Johnson’s decision was based more on financial reasons than buying into Fischer’s poisonous witch’s brew of contempt for gays and lesbians. is not seeking or calling for a boycott of Jordan’s Hallmark Card Shops in Idaho, but rather suggesting that members of the LGBT community and their allies purchase Hallmark sympathy cards and mail them directly to Brian Fischer to acknowledge the death of his conscience.

To mail your Hallmark sympathy card noting the death of Fischer’s conscience, send them to:

Bryan Fischer
3423 Mountain View Drive.
Boise, Idaho 83704

UPDATE: Bryan Fischer has since left Idaho and moved to Tupelo Mississippi to do a radio program for the American Family Association.

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