MSM Finally Catches on to Real Tea Party Agenda

The reality that religious fundamentalism is at the very root of the Tea Party movement is finally sinking in with the mainstream media. Jeff Sharlet, author of “C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy” wrote on today that Tea Party is becoming a religious movement:

“Glenn Beck, who invokes the semi-mythical “Black Robe Brigade” — fighting preachers he claims led the American Revolution — as a model for a new generation of activists seems to think so.

On public radio, Bryan Fischer, a leader of the fundamentalist American Family Association, sternly instructed a libertarian Tea Party activist that her movement was religiously rooted whether she wanted it to be or not. A recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute backs him up, revealing that 57 percent of self-identified Tea Partiers agree that “America is and always has been a Christian nation.”

So is the Tea Party a religious movement, too?

The answer is a little tricky. It didn’t begin as one, despite the political God-talk of its heroine, Sarah Palin, but it is becoming one, thanks in large part to one man, Sen. Jim DeMint of Greenville, South Carolina, the GOP’s newest and fastest rising star. ”

“…DeMint holds the key to the capital for outsider candidates like Alaska’s Joe Miller and Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell. And the price of admission he’s charging is fealty to his religious vision of the Tea Party as a new ‘Great Awakening.'”

The far extreme elements selling a twisted Christian theocratic agenda are here in Idaho and across the country. These pitchmen for intolerance have morphed the tired old slogan of “family values” into the libertarian message about freedom and patriotism. This is a lie because their message has nothing to do with either freedom or patriotism.

Bryan Fischer Separation of Church and State Dogma

Brian Fischer started his career as a pitchman for hate in Idaho. Here we see local FOX affiliate giving him camera time to express his befuddled version of the Separation of Church and State. The billboard was paid for by a group calling itself Freedom From Religion Foundation intended as a warning to 'Beware of Dogma.'

It is a thinly veiled smoke screen for Christian dominionism that is being sold by the likes of Bryan Fischer and Glenn Beck who see the Tea Party movement as the perfect catalyst to launch their propaganda. They ride on the backs of the Tea Party to promote an agenda aimed at the eradication of all things that do not fit into their small-minded social agenda; in particular queers, Muslims, people of color and atheists.

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