Boise Federal Court Building Arrest Not So Black and White

Lee Arthur Rice II Mug Shot Boise Police

Lee Arthur Rice II (Photo: Boise Police Dept.)

Lee Arthur Rice II, a 58-year-old African American man, claims he is a victim of police brutality during his arrest in front of the Boise Federal Court Building on Wednesday May 4.

Rice first got the attention of As I See It during a Sept. 2010 Constitution Day event at the Idaho Statehouse. Rice was there handing out flyers advertising his portrait of President Barack Obama, which included swastikas reflected in the president’s eyes.

Reporter Eric Fink with local Channel 6 KIVI reported on Rice’s arrest saying, “Rice entered the parking lot of the federal building and his vehicle was pulled over by police. According to Rice, he was then asked for ID which he showed the officer. But that State ID is not a valid driver’s license. Moments later Rice says he was asked by police to get out of the vehicle. Feeling threatened Rice stayed in his car. And that’s when according to Rice, a police officer started violently pounding on the door.”

Fink reported police were beating on the window of Rice’s car so hard Rice finally unlocked the door. Rice said, “That’s when they pulled me out a started beating me.”

Department of Homeland Security Public Affairs spokesperson Chris Ortman told AISI, “Federal Protective Service (FPS) Inspectors stopped an individual when he attempted to enter the James A. McClure Federal Building in Boise, Idaho, while driving a vehicle without a drivers’ license. The individual became disruptive and combative, and then fled in his vehicle. When stopped, the individual refused to comply with orders to exit the vehicle and was subdued, arrested and charged with driving without a license, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest.”

“[Rice] was, in fact, in possession of a state of Idaho identification card when he drove onto the grounds of the Federal building in Boise contrary to a statement previously provided to the media by FPS.”

“Because Rice was operating a motor vehicle, he was asked for his drivers’ license, which he refused to provide,” said Ortman. “FPS later determined his drivers’ license was in a suspended status. Had the individual not been driving, the state issued identification card would have been acceptable for entry into the facility.”

KIVI reported conflicts between Homeland Security’s statement and the Boise police report. BPD spokesperson, Lynn Hightower told AISI, “The information that I have in the in the report matches Homeland Security’s. I don’t know where Channel 6 got their information, they did not get it from the PIO office.”

Hightower said Boise Police did not make the arrest. BPD simply transported Rice to the jail and cited him for driving without a license.

KIVI’s Tina Jensen reported that according to Rice’s fiancée, Harmony Black, Rice doesn’t carry a driver’s license because he is a constitutionalists and political activist.”

During a July 2010 traffic stop for a moving violation Rice received a citation that included failure to provide proof of car insurance. Having not obtained insurance since that citation in Dec 2010 the court suspended Rice’s driver’s license.

Lee Arthur Rice II Barack Obama Swastikas Nazi

Rice at the Idaho Statehouse on Constitution Day (Sept. 19, 2010).The portrait of President Obama leaning up against an eight foot replica of the United States Constitution. The “One Sovereign’s story” flyers Rice handed out explaining his art, said he began the drawing in 2007, that he voted for Obama and God led him to a sovereign group. Rice was in federal prison in 2007 and could not have voted. Idaho state law does not consider restoring voting rights to felons while they are still on probation. (Photos: ©2010

Rice refers to himself as “a Sovereign.” The sovereign citizen movement in America has been on the radar of the Southern Poverty Law Center for some time and reported extensively on the movement in their Fall 2010 Intelligence Report.

J.J. MacNab wrote in, ‘Sovereign’ Citizen Kane,

“The sprawling subculture of ‘sovereign citizens’ in America: hundreds of thousands of far-right extremists who believe that they – not judges, juries, law enforcement or elected officials – get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and who don’t think they should have to pay taxes.”

“Originally, the sovereign citizens movement mostly attracted white supremacists and anti-Semites … many self-identified sovereigns today are black and apparently completely unaware of the racist origins of their ideology.”

“Some start by testing sovereign ideology with small offenses such as driving without a license.”

The security policies at the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Boise had already been in place during the time Rice had to enter the building under the terms of his three-year probation. Rice was released from federal prison in August 2008, after serving five years of a seven-year sentence for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and maintaining a place for the purpose of distribution and/or use of control substances. Court records describe those controlled substances as Ecstasy and LSD.

Rice could have entered the federal courthouse using his Idaho State ID card had he walked onto the property. According to law enforcement officials, Rice’s decision to drive without a valid state issued driver’s license and his reaction to officer’s requests to produce one is what prompted police to arrest him.

After being released from Ada County Jail on a $1,000 bond, Rice posted on his Facebook page that he had been, “Maliciously assaulted by Homeland Security” and was “unlawfully” arrested and jailed. “This type of action needs to stop and I plan on doing all I can to bring this to the light of truth,” wrote Rice. He is now soliciting money order donations for his legal defense fund using a storefront mailbox address and organizing a gathering at the Boise federal building on the morning of May 16 at the Appeals Court.

Rice’s pretrial conference is slated for June 20 and trial set for July 14.

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  1. I just watched this on TV. 18 policemen showed up……for a black man traffic incident. Shame on you Idaho.

  2. Is that the same Lee Rice that has a very high level of martial arts experiance in full contact Karate. The same one that moved to Australia? If so cop got off real easy..could have went the other way!

  3. “how many votes are lost because of incarcerated black men or black men on parole?”

    How many lives are violated by black men that end up in prison?

  4. hey black dot – WTF does that have to do with driving without a license and resisting arrest, or for that matter being a black man in a movement that has roots in racist white groups and making a black president out to be a Nazi?

  5. “How goddamn bazaar is that!?!”

    Ah, exactly. *whispering….it’s actually bizarre* Reading Mr. Rice’s story my first thought was some folks will do just about any kind of weird shit for attention and to separate themselves out as an individual.

  6. Okay – Let me see if I get this right . . . we have a black man in Idaho who identifies with an organization that has white supremacy at its roots and he hates the first African American President! How goddamn bazaar is that!?!

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