JUST RELEASED! SPLC Winter 2011 Intelligence Report

Bryan Fischer, American Family Association, AFA, Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, Daniel Adel, Jody May-Chang, Jill Kuraitis

Illustration by Daniel Adel

THE FISCHER FILES – Gay-basher Bryan Fischer is famous for his bigotry. What’s less known is how ‘mainstream Idahoans jump-started his career
By Jody May-Chang and Jill Kuraitis for the Southern Poverty law Center’s Winter 2011 Intelligence Report

“…Things were coming to a head at Community Church of the Valley. Mansfield, who had helped get the church started, said that church elders “had a meeting about conflict with Bryan over who had the final say in the church.” Fischer insisted that he did, but Mansfield said it was actually the board…”

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