Back to the Future: Sean Hannity vs. Jody May-Chang TOMORROW on KCSB-FM Santa Barbara

Jody May-Chang, Sean Hannity, KCSB, Santa Barbara, Fox NewsHear the original 1989 live on-the air exchange between Jody May-Chang and Fox mouthpiece Sean Hannity that got Hannity kicked off the air at KCSB-FM Radio for his homophobic rants.

As part of KCSB’s 50th Anniversary of broadcasting, the Hannity vs. May-Chang exchange will be rebroadcast for the first time in 22 years!

This will be part of tomorrow’s LIVE CALL-IN broadcast of: ‘Revisiting Sean Hannity’, Thursday 12/22/11 10 am – 12 Noon on “50 Years of People Powered Radio” on KCSB-FM 91.9

Hannity and May-Chang both produced weekly shows at KCSB, the University of California at Santa Barbara radio station, as community members in the public affairs department. May-Chang hosted “Gay & Lesbian Perspectives,” a one-hour weekly news, information program. Hannity on the other hand hosted a ranting imitation of Rush Limbaugh type show called “The Pursuit of Happiness.”

May-Chang called in to Hannity’s show to dispute Hannity and his guest spreading misinformation and homophobia over the air. Hannity’s guest Gene Antonio, is the author of a propaganda book titled “The AIDS Cover-Up? The Real And Alarming Facts About AIDS.” – a book written to spread misinformation and hysteria about AIDS.

It was this very exchange that got Hannity kicked off the air at KCSB, and what Hannity subsequently used to bolster his career as a victim of the left and branding himself as the most controversial college radio talk show host in America.

PACIFIC TIME 10 am – Noon
MOUNTIN TIME 11 am – 1 pm


Call In # (805) 893-2424

If you miss it, a podcast will be posted later on

3 thoughts on “Back to the Future: Sean Hannity vs. Jody May-Chang TOMORROW on KCSB-FM Santa Barbara

  1. You experienced first-hand the birth (pun intended) of a FOX Network nitwit. Hannity cut his teeth on insulting and belittling people who don’t share his narrow perspective of the world. It’s amazing how someone like this overpaid numbskull makes a mockery of journalism – but then again, he works for the biggest propaganda machine in the world, FOX!

    I think it’s great that this has resurfaced because you have clearly defined that being a millionaire whore for FOX News, as Hannity is, doesn’t make him a credible journalist. You probably aren’t rolling in the cash this scumbag is making, but you have what Hannity has never earned, journalistic credibility!

    Keep going!!!

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