Mitt Romney’s ‘Sugar Daddy’ Frank VanderSloot

Tonight’s guest on The Rachel Maddow Show for her segment ‘The Interview,’ was New York Magazine’s editor-at-large, Frank Rich who talked about his latest feature, Sugar Daddies: The old, white, rich men who are buying this election.

Rich commented on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign co-finance chair and Idahoan, Frank VanderSloot. Vandersloot is one of several Romney ‘Sugar Daddies” Rich features in his piece that have donated a $1 million or more to Romney’s super PAC.

Rich said this about VanderSloot:

“Romney is surrounded by a couple of sugar daddies like Frank VanderSloot, who’s name is not known to the public really, who are attached to companies that sell weird , in my view, weird health remedies and do all sorts of strange, housewives selling at home and make money kind of schemes. They are all regulated by government agencies who presumably will be defanged and have employees or friends and cronies of these sugar daddies in them if there is a Romney presidency.”

Here is an excerpt from New York Magazine’s Sugar Daddies:

…there’s Frank VanderSloot, the Professor Marvel behind Melaleuca, an ­Idaho-based company that promises to help “moms be moms” and “earn a corporate income from home,” even if they don’t have the financial cushion of, say, Ann Romney. Though a promotional video on its website features women who claim to have earned as much as $500,000 selling goods like dietary supplements (which purport to remedy clogged arteries and arthritis), the average Melaleuca peddler makes just $87 per year.

An industry critic, Robert L. FitzPatrick, elucidated for Mother Jones how companies like Melaleuca and Nu Skin are perfect examples of the vulture-capitalist business model: They set “the average person upon his neighbor to get at his assets, savings, and investments.” Romney, meanwhile, has applauded VanderSloot for having “vision and sense of social responsibility” that are “second to none. … VanderSloot and the Kochs have a long history of trying to intimidate (often with costly legal actions) the publications or websites that report on them.”

Just in case you missed it, those reporters Rich is talking about (yours truly included) are featured in Glenn Greenwald’s Feb. 17 piece Billionaire Romney donor uses threats to silence critics: Frank VanderSloot, Romney finance co-chair, suppresses scrutiny by threatening reporters and bloggers also covered on Maddow, or my piece on Don’t let Mitt Romney’s anti-gay billionaire backer whitewash his intimidation of critics.

The Rachel Maddow Show ‘The Interview’ with Frank Rich:

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4 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s ‘Sugar Daddy’ Frank VanderSloot

  1. I find some crazy sites on the internet but I really have a hard time reading some of the things I read.

    I have been a Melaleuca customer for over 8 years and will not stop buying there because of some person’s political affiliation…do you think about htat when you buy your groceries at the store>
    I could buy form the large corporations and buy from China, Mexico, or some other country who makes our items or buy primarily American made items that support our economy….regardless of their political standpoint…..better than support other countires…I am an immigrant and believe on buying American….

  2. Frank Rich attacks Vandersloot’s integrity because his company offers a business opportunity to housewives? Ever heard of Avon or Mary Kay?” …and do all sorts of strange, housewives selling at home and make money kind of schemes.” I like Rachel Madow a lot. In fact my wife and I went to see her at a live event where she talked about her new book. But she loses with with this smug, arrogant twit, Frank Rich.

  3. Romney is toast. I think conservatives are generally narrow minded and ignorant but one thing they don’t do is waiver on what they believe no matter how wrong it is. Supporting Romney for them is like taking antibiotics. Nobody likes them, but when you have an infection not taking them is worse.

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