VanderSloot has Etch-a-Sketch Moment!

Melaleuca CEO and Romney finance co-chair, Frank VanderSloot phoned in a new chapter of his billionaire victim story to Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show last Friday claiming he is has a target strapped to his back.

VanderSloot’s latest attempt to salvage his Mr. Nice Guy brand after weeks of national news coverage about his anti-gay record and attempts to silence bloggers and journalist, was to launch a golly gee gosh some of my best friends are gay poor me media strategy.

Anyone who knows the history of this powerful Idaho billionaire can easily see through his charade.

In Idaho, VanderSloot has been widely characterized by his critics as rabidly litigious and ruthless, while his army of multi-level marketers and fellow Mormon cheerleaders assert his inspiring brilliance.

When VanderSloot’s Melaleuca MLM fireside promotional videos are held up alongside his country bumpkin persona exhibited for the conservative FOX audience, it’s evidence of just another cycle in the VanderSloot spin machine.

Van Susteren asks the billionaire CEO where this so-called enemies list is and how he first heard of it. Stumbling VanderSloot responds, “Well, um ah gosh people started sending me um emails with it and I don’t know what the name of his campaign is, ah Barack Obama’s campaign, and uh for President and uh I don’t know the address of it but I think it’s pretty well known. You can find out where it was…”

Asked if any steps to investigate his claims were taken in an effort to determine if it was just talk, VanderSloot replied, “Um a no. There’s been ah a ton of electronic media, ah so called, electronic media journalists that have ah lodged all kinds of innuendo in my direction and accused me of all kinds of bad ah bad things. … they lodged all kinds of things none of them stuck except for the idea that ah I’m anti-gay and supposedly a gay basher.”

“And the truth is, I have ah, I consider many gay people as personal friends,” VanderSloot continued. “I’ve never spoken ill of a gay person in my life. … I believe gay people should have the same rights as all Americans and I don’t know how anybody who knows me could consider me anti-gay. …The truth doesn’t seem to be much of a criteria for these folks.” 

The elephant in the middle of the room seems to escape VanderSloot which is his indisputable and very public anti-gay record.

Having gay and lesbian friends, family, or business associates does not matter. Nor does it matter how he treats them or even how fondly they may feel about him.

If true, none of that mitigates or washes away the damage VanderSloot has personally done to the LGBT community.

His transparent attempt to scrub his homophobic image only serves to illuminate VanderSloot’s hypocrisy. 

For a man who has never been media or camera shy, VanderSloot’s failure to appear before a camera with a credible non-FOX journalist to answer the hard questions is revealing.

The irony of a man who has spent years bullying others is now taking victim hood to an all new level when VanderSloot appeared on the O’Reilly Factor yesterday.

The funny thing about VanderSloot who agreed with Bill O’Reilly’s characterization of VanderSloot as a victim of “political* terrorism,” is a former Melaleuca Marketing Executive who was sued by VanderSloot, told As I See It something quite similar. She said VanderSloot uses the legal system to bully and intimidate others in such a way that she called him a “legal terrorist.”

In the end, no matter how shrewd or seemingly naïve he may like the public to believe he is, one thing is unmistakable, the good old days are gone. VanderSloot is no longer in complete control of his most coveted commodity, his public image and he has no one to blame but himself.

* CORRECTION: the term above “political terrorism” was corrected from an earlier error that read “economic terrorism.” 

Fox News Channel’s On the Record with Greta Van Susteren May 11, 2012

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  1. “I consider many gay people as personal friends”
    Larry Craig, for example.

    he’s so far in, he’s pushing out the back.

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  3. Hey BobbyG Thanks for the link! Love your site concept “The Two Mitts” and your quote “Can we get either of the Two Mitts to discuss Frank Vandersloot?”

  4. I love the headline! And that follows the headline is evidence of your ability to take on a bully like VanderSloot who has managed to use his legal team to threaten and silence his critics. Looks like Mr. V has met his Waterloo if you ask me! Keep up the great work, Jody…. nicely done!

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