Bryan Fischer, American Family Association, AFA, Idaho Values Alliance, IVA, Community Church of the Valley, CCV, The Fischer Files, Jody May-ChangBryan Fischer is well-known here in Idaho. To some he is has been a hero of “family values,” but to many he is a living, breathing example of what is wrong with America. While in Idaho, this man literally made a career out of vilifying and dehumanizing LGBTQI people.

Since leaving Idaho in mid 2009, Fischer has been catapulted into the national spotlight by ratcheting up his racist and homophobic hate propaganda on his American Family Association radio show and blog.

This man’s obsession with, and hatred of, LGBTQI people is well documented herein from previous works on, listed below, to MORE RECENT STORIES HERE (from 2009 on) . The Fischer Files documents Bryan Fischer’s reign of contempt in Idaho and the national stage from American Family Association headquarters in Tupelo, Miss.

The Fischer Files Archive – (2006-2009)