In Their Own Words: Pride is a State of Being

Members of Boise’s GLBTQ community talk about what pride means to them.

by Rachael Daigle.
June 11, 2008 Boise Weekly

This piece was published in the Boise Weekly along with three other LGBT community leader contributions as part of the Weekly’s 2008 LGBT Pride Issue.

Pride is a State of Being

Jody May-Chang
The national theme for Pride this year is “Live, Love and Be.” As poetic as that theme sounds, Pride is more than a slogan, it’s a way of life. It means taking ownership of your life and standing up against individuals and institutions who deny us our basic liberties.

Jody May-Chang, Boise WeeklyWhen I attend annual Pride events, I’m touched by the sense of community and hope that follows the speeches and events, but I sometimes think it amounts to a brief vacation from the harsh reality surrounding of our daily lives.

Once the rainbow flags are put away and the chanting has subsided, we still face a world in which we are marginalized, stereotyped and vilified by those who would prefer that we did not exist.

Although we have a proud history that includes many people who have fought those who beat and jailed us, we still have a long uphill fight to secure employment protection, hate-crime laws and marriage equality. While we celebrate the festivities of Pride events, we still face the reality of being second-class citizens in our own country.

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