The American Taliban in Idaho

Matthew Shepard Observance Day speech at the Idaho Anne Frank Memorial


Twelve years ago, a brutal murder ended the life of our young brother Matthew, but it did NOT kill his spirit which calls out to each of us to denounce those who promote violence against us as they hide behind an extremist ideology.

It is this extremist ideology that is at the very foundation of the violence that lead to the deaths of Matthew Shepard, Tyler Clementi, and so many others. For decades the American conservative movements’ fringe elements, have been sowing the seeds of hatred that have taken root in the right-wing media.

The soul intent of their daily barrage of messages is to vilify and dehumanize LGBT people in order justify their inhumanity toward us. Who are these extremists and where are they?

They are operating within the modern conservative movement. They are the promoters of an anti-gay industry described by Daily Kos founder, Marcos Moulitsas, as the American Taliban.

These American religious extremists share many similarities and tactics with the Afghan Taliban.

Moulitsas describes them this way:

“Their contempt for nontraditional lifestyles, their mania for militaristic solutions, their fascistic efforts to impose their narrow worldview on the rest of society,” and their disdain for, “woman’s rights, their outright hatred of gays, their aversion to science and modernity, and their staunch anti-intellectualism.”

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Idaho’s Homo/Xenophobe Bryan Fischer Hits The Big Time

It has been more than disappointing watching Bryan Fischer’s rise to national stardom since leaving Idaho. What is worse is that he is in the spotlight which feeds and rewards him for his rabid hatred of others, not just gays, lesbians and transgender people but now for his daily rants against Muslims.

Tonight Rachel Maddow said, “Of course a man like Bryan Fischer is entitled to his kookpinions. At some point is there any political accountability for people who are mainstreaming him?” That sounds hauntingly familiar.

Each time Fischer’s mug ends up on the New York times, Keith Olbermann and tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show, I can not help but think as Idaho cringes, what might have NOT been had Idaho media done it’s job when it had the chance.

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