Twisted Logic:

Jody May-Chang©
May 12, 2009

Bryan Fischer+Hate Crime Prevention Bill=Pedophile Protection Act

H. Lukas Green contributed to this piece.

Bryan Fischer Idaho Values AllianceThe economic recession has had an adverse impact on nearly every sector of the American economy except for one; the growing anti-gay industry lead by self-proclaimed Christian leaders who sell fear and contempt inside a package called “family values.”

Idaho’s chief CEO of lies and misinformation about LGBT citizens is none other than Bryan Fischer, the pitchman for the so-called Idaho Values Alliance. Fischer’s talent for garnering easy access to the Idaho news media to sell his poisonous product rivals any Wall Street crook with a Ponzi scheme designed to separate grand mom from her life savings.

Except that in this case, Fischer’s game is to separate citizens he loathes from their rights as equal citizens under the law by promoting stereotypes that illicit fear and hate through a marketing plan crafted by far right extremists whose vision of America and the world is limited to their own narrow-minded ideology.

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Southern Discomfort: Not so fast – “Queers Not Welcome”

H. Lukas Green and Jody May-Chang©
May 3, 2008

As determined as the women were to move forward with their plans to have a concert, some locals were just as determined to put a stop to the very idea that gay people and their supporters would be able to gather for a day of music and fun.

Realizing that holding a concert in Casar was impossible because of the shrill voices of contempt and hypocrisy, Leedy and Beasley secured a venue in nearby Lincoln County. When they announced the news of the new location on their website blog that a contract was about to be signed, the local media had a field day.

The Lincoln Times-News publishes a story on April 4, 2008, quoting a local Baptist Minister’s disapproval of the so-called “lifestyle” that would be coming to his area. Others would soon follow in the media with anti-gay rants.

Elected County Official Fans The Flames of Bigotry

Lincoln County Commissioner, Alex E. Patton, made it very clear that he would do everything possible to prevent the concert organized by Leedy and Beasley.

“I will do everything within my power as a county commissioner to keep this event from taking place,” Patton was quoted as saying in the Lincoln Times-News on April 4, 2008. As if standing on a stack of Bibles, he pontificates that he will make certain that every pastor in Lincoln County will hear about this if that’s what it takes to stop this gay-friendly concert from taking place.

In no time the self-righteous bigots who ignore Jesus’ teachings about “love thy neighbor” and “let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” started their agenda of hate with vile signs and a billboard.

A billboard that appeared seemed to parrot The Star’s doomsday headline (“Camp What?”), only with various Bible passages inserted as if to justify their hatred.

Lincoln County Norht Carolina Anti-Gay Hate Billboard

The billboards hellfire and damnation scripture references that read: “CAMP WHAT? IN LINCOLN COUNTY? IF (Abomination) Leviticus 18:22 AND (Defilement) 1 Timothy 1:10 THEN (Death) Romans 1:32 HOWEVER, IF (Repentance) Ezekiel 14:60 THEN (Eternal Life) John 3:36”

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Southern Discomfort: Bushstock or Bust!

Jody May-Chang©
May 3, 2008

Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy are finally settled in a home and reunited as a family and they are rebuilding their lives. After all the hard work, disappointment, and betrayal behind them, these women are focusing their attention on healing from the trauma of Shelby, Casar and Lincoln County and working to make Bushstock ’08 a reality.

They had to move south to seek freedom. They left the controversy and bigotry of west North Carolina behind them and were welcomed in Georgia where they signed contract for an area to hold their concert.

The show will go on at the Etowah River Campground in Dahlonega, Georgia.

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Southern Discomfort: The Drama Known as “Camp Lickalotta”

Southern Discomfort

H. Lukas Green and Jody May-Chang©
May 3, 2008

Camp Lickalotta Entrance SignSeveral weeks ago, ran a story about a lesbian couple in North Carolina who wanted to build a recreation area called “Camp Lickalotta.” We were ready to leave it at just a crazy idea about a camp with a dubious sounding name someplace in the rural South.

We never anticipated the reaction the story would generate nor the debate that followed on our website. The many comments from locals in Shelby, NC, were emotional and they described how the local media seemed to join forces with and powerful political conservatives to fight against them. It soon appeared to us that there was much more to this story than just a campground with a dubious sounding name.

Behind the name “Camp Lickalotta” are real people who were dealing with real issues seldom seen in large cities where LGBT people are openly accepted. This is about gays and lesbians in rural America where coming out means facing powerful people who demonize you using the politics of religion.

We wanted to know what was behind the hysteria to squash the idea of an LGBT-friendly camp with an outrageous sounding name. called many of the principal players in the “Camp Lickalotta” drama and found out how forcefully the fear card is played against those who just do not fit the safe and accepted heterosexual image.

In this part of western North Carolina, the story is about survival and right to live free of harassment, intimidation or the threat of physical violence. This is “Southern Discomfort.”

Southern Discomfort: The Not So Golden Valley

H. Lukas Green and Jody May-Chang©
May 3, 2008

The actions of a lesbian couple and their supporters caused an avalanche of religious fervor, fear and bigotry in the small southern towns of Casar and Shelby, North Carolina.

Camp Lickalotta Area

All of this played out on the front page of The Star, the largest daily newspaper in Shelby, NC. The big news was about a lesbian couple trying to establishing an LGBT-friendly campground called, “Camp Lickalotta.”

Christian conservatives quickly piled on the women and their supporters condemning them as sinners and a threat to families.

The Star reportedly learned of the camp from locals who read about it on the internet and posted comments on the newspaper’s website. The Star plastered news about the camp on its front page under a bold doomsday headline. The newspaper even included a warning that the news might be considered offensive to readers.

Soon a campaign was launched to intimidate the gay community. The Star assisted in that effort by repeating the phrase “controversial camp” in each story. The newspaper embraced a reporting style favoring religious conservatives who were enraged that the so-called “homosexual lifestyle” was invading their community.

The biased reporting almost seemed to invite many of off-color comments about lesbians building “Camp Lickalotta” that were freely posted on The Star’s website. If there was any hint of journalistic integrity, The Star managed shred it by publishing a font page verbatim letter written by O. Max Gardner III, a prominent attorney representing the couple who evicted the lesbians from the Golden Valley Campground where “Camp Lickalotta” was proposed to be built.

There is no denying that news about lesbians building a place called “Camp Lickalotta” is in itself attention-grabbing, but that was the marketing idea by its founders Nancy Leedy and Joanie Beasley. They wanted to create a place that would to grab the attention and imagination of people – well, it apparently worked.

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Murder in Indiana: State of Neglect

H.Lukas Green and Jody May-Chang©
June 29, 2007

Indiana’s Christian Conservatives lobbied aggressively to kill HB 1459, a hate crimes bill. Indiana is one of four states without any kind of hate crime legislation.

Indiana’s religious conservatives mirrored the same tactics used successfully in other states; lie, fear monger, and label homosexuals as a threat.

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Murder in Indiana: “Gay Panic” – A License to Kill

H. Lukas Green & Jody May-Chang ©
June 29, 2007 EXCLUSIVE

Murder victim Aaron A family member of a man brutally beaten and murdered in a small rural Indiana town spoke out in an exclusive interview with about Aaron “Shorty” Hall (left) and those accused of killing him.

Sabrena Baker, the former girlfriend and mother of Hall’s child, says the victim was not gay as the defendants alleged and she has doubts that justice will be served in a heinous crime that has garnered very little media attention in Indiana.

Baker, who lives near North Vernon, told that she lived with Hall for nine years and raised his 10-year-old daughter, Day-Z Mae. The couple was separated for about six years, but still maintained a relationship as parents of their daughter.

“He was far from being gay. It just looks like they are trying to make him look like he was gay,” Baker said in reaction to the “gay panic” defense presented by the accused.

She said that ever since the murder, Day-Z has gone to therapy once a week in North Vernon, Indiana.

“She cries every day,” Baker said. “And she is constantly asking me why they would do anything like that, and I don’t know how to answer her question why somebody would kill someone and how they done him.”

Hall was murdered on April 12, but his corpse was found by local police 10 days later wrapped in a tarp and hidden inside a garage belonging to Terry Gray, the local Jackson County Deputy Coroner, who is the father of Garrett Gray, 19, one of the murder defendants.

Bloomington Alternative, 'Hate Crime in Indiana?' by Steve Higgs
Click to read more: PDF File | Website Article

“Yesterday, I heard from some people down there that after they stuck him in the garage they were inviting people in and showing him off like some kind of trophy or something,” Baker said. “I don’t understand why they would do him like that.”

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