CA Supreme Court Will Not Expedite Schedule in Prop 8 Question

Monday was a busy day for legal filings in California’s fight to strike down Proposition 8.

Six major lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender legal and advocacy organizations all filed briefs with California courts March 1 including California State Attorney General, Kamala Harris.

Harris’s seven-page motion to the Night Circuit Court of Appeals asked the Court to permanently vacate the District Court’s earlier order to stay a decision that found Proposition 8 unconstitutional. With the stay in place Proposition 8 is still being enforced, prohibiting same-sex couples from marrying.

Now, six months later Harris wrote, “Since then, events have demonstrated if the stay ever was justified, it is no longer,” stating supporters of Prop. 8, “have been utterly unable to demonstrate that injury would befall them in the absence of a stay…”

Harris continues to argue that because the stay continues, plaintiffs’ due prose and equal protection rights have continued to be violated, perpetuating unconstitutional discrimination. Continue reading

Hate Crimes Act to hit Obama’s Desk

Matthew Sheppard
Matthew Shepard

Thursday the Human Rights Commission and the Matthew Shepard Foundation announced the passage of the The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The act, named to honor Matthew Shepard as well as James Byrd, an African-American resident of Texas brutally dragged to death in 1998 in a notorious hate crime. as a provision of the Defense Authorization Conference Report in 68 to 29 vote.

“Dennis and I are extremely proud of the Senate for once again passing this historic measure of protection for victims of these brutal crimes,” said Judy Shepard, president of the Matthew Shepard Foundation Board. “Knowing that the president will sign it, Continue reading