Boy Scouts Protect Pedophiles, as Congress Offers Special Rights to BSA


Long before the release of the so-called “Perversion Files” that document how the Boy Scouts of America systematically shielded pedophiles within its ranks, the U.S. Congress created a law mandating that the federal government support BSA regardless of its open policy of discrimination against gays.

On December 30, 2005, President George W. Bush signed in to law the “Support Our Scouts Act of 2005” buried in the 153 page Department of Defense Appropriations Act for 2006. (H.R. 2863 pg 49).

“Support Our Scouts” includes a mandate for the federal government to support the BSA: Continue reading

VanderSloot’s tactics get national scrutiny

Glenn Greenwald, Jody May-Chang, ACLU, Idaho,

Glenn Greenwald, contributor and Constitutional litigator, pulled out both barrels to take aim at the actions of Frank VanderSloot, CEO of Melaluca, Inc., and his legal team of attack dogs.

Greenwald, who was in Boise recently to speak at the annual Bill of Rights dinner sponsored by the ACLU in Idaho, took time to visit with me after his presentation to hear about the ongoing actions of VanderSloot against the LGBT community, free speech, and hounding by his legal team to silence his critics.

With the documentation I provided to him and the intense research he compiled on his own, he posted a blazing article on that speaks to the heart of what Idaho bloggers, news organizations, and national media outlets have confronted when bullied by VanderSloot and his lawyers.

I would like to personally thank Glenn and for their brilliant journalism and their willingness to stick their necks out in support of me and this vital issue so aggressively.

Their commitment to First Amendment and good journalism is the standard that all bloggers, journalists and media outlets should aspire too.